January is Glaucoma Awareness Month

The Wisconsin Optometric Association (WOA) and its member doctors are promoting glaucoma awareness during the month of January 2018. Your licensed Wisconsin eye doctor can detect and diagnose glaucoma during a comprehensive dilated eye exam. Receiving an eye exam is crucial when it comes to glaucoma, as vision already lost to glaucoma cannot be regained. Once diagnosed, your eye doctor can treat the disease early on. Although glaucoma is not preventable and has no current cure, the disease can be controlled if diagnosed and treated early by your eye doctor.

Diagnosis is the first step in preserving your vision, and the only way to guarantee detection of this condition is through a comprehensive eye exam with your licensed eye doctor. The WOA recommends annual comprehensive eye exams for adults and children. Visit http://www.woa-eyes.org/members for a list of licensed eye doctors in your area. The early detection and treatment of glaucoma is crucial in saving vision.

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Press Release: EARLY DETECTION AND TREATMENT PROTECTS YOUR VISION FROM GLAUCOMA See your licensed eye doctor for yearly, comprehensive eye exams and preserve your vision