Wisconsin Optometric Association Vendor Registration - 2018 Wisconsin Optometric Spring Seminar

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The 2018 Wisconsin Optometric Association Spring Seminar is scheduled for April 12-13 at the Marriott Madison West in Middleton, WI. This will be our second year in this new Thurs/Friday format. The change last year resulted in increased attendance. The Spring Seminar and the WOA Convention (Sept. 21-24) are the two WOA seminars yearly that feature exhibit halls. Spring Seminar is our second largest event of the year, with 30 percent of our total membership attending and approximately 45 vendors exhibiting. The exhibit hall fee includes an 8X10 booth, 110 volt outlet if requested, one table, two chairs, registration for two representatives, and 10 refreshment tickets. The hall will have carpeting. Unfortunately, complimentary WiFi is not available in the conference center. You must complete the exhibitor services form on page 11 and the payment information on page 12, in order to purchase WiFi access for your booth. Each connection is $25. Space will be provided on a first come (paid), first served basis, using postmark dates as the determining factor. We DO NOT accept requests for specific booth spaces. We do, however, accommodate requests to the best of our ability regarding placement close to or far away from another vendor. To secure booth space, payment must accompany your registration. Early registration is strongly recommended.

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Booth Requirements

$800.00 Regular Registration

Additional Booths (10 percent discount per booth)

One 110 Volt Outlet (no charge)

$30.00 for a second 110 volt outlet

Please select the length of table you would like for your booth

$35.00 per additional 6 foot table (Additional tables ordered after initial registration will cost substantially more)

$35.00 per additional 8 foot table (Additional tables ordered after initial registration will cost substantially more)

$35.00 per additional tall cocktail table (Additional tables ordered after initial registration will cost substantially more)

$55.00 pack of ten extra drink tickets (10 are included in the registration fee)

$10.00 registration fee per representative beyond the two per booth included in the registration fee

$28.00 per representative lunch (no lunches can be purchased on-site)


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