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President's Farewell Address - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

As you have had heard from every WOA President before me, I would like to start by thanking the WOA management company team of Mr. Peter Theo, Ms. Joleen Breunig, and Mr. David Bobka for a very successful year in our association. Also, I want to thank Dr. Chuck Brownlow and Ms. Joyce Josie of PMI, LLC for their professional and personal commitment to the Wisconsin Optometric Association this year.

I would like to thank my wife Julie and my family. I thank them for their understanding during this past year and for all my years involved with the WOA. My time with the WOA wasn’t a separate entity associated with my business. Just like for many of you, my practice is really an extension of my personal life. The more you become involved with the WOA, the more it becomes part of your family and your life, and life is good!

Presidential Address 2015 President Dr. Eric Paulsen

*Given by 2015 WOA President Dr. Eric Paulsen at the 2014 WOA Convention

I would like to start by acknowledging some people who are here today. I know that all of you think you have the best staff, but in fact, I have the best staff, who are all here today! Thank you for coming, and thank you for the fact that you keep coming back to work each day. My staff puts up with a lot of my ideas and they still walk back through the door the next day, and I really appreciate that! My children are here, which means a lot to me. Thank you for your support. And lastly, my wife Dee is here. Thank you, Dee, for all your years of support. You are the one who worked while I was in school, you are the one who told me I was doing fine when I had moments of doubt, and you are the one who fills my better half. Thank you, and I love you.

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