Affiliated Groups

Wisconsin Optometric Societies
The WOA is comprised of 8 societies that meet to discuss issues relating to optometry on a local level. Each society elects a president who maintains a voting seat on the WOA Board of Directors.

The WOA societies include:
Lake Cities Society
Gateway Society
Indianhead Society
Madison Area Society
Milwaukee Area Society
Northeastern Shore Society
South Central WI Society
Wisconsin Valley Society

Wisconsin Paraoptometric Association
The Wisconsin Paraoptometric Association (WPA) consists of paraoptometrics who are educated and trained to provide assistance to doctors of optometry and provide paraoptometric services to patients. Through coordinated education and professional events, the WPA and the WOA work closely together to provide patients with consistent, high quality care. This team approach has proven extremely successful for many years.

American Optometric Association

The Wisconsin Optometric Association (WOA) is a state affiliate of the American Optometric Association (AOA). With more than 34,000 members in 6,500 U.S. communities, the AOA leads the way in its mission of improving the quality and availability of eye and vision care everywhere.

Founded in 1898, the AOA is a federation of state, student and armed forces optometric associations. Through these affiliations, the AOA serves members consisting of optometrists, students of optometry, paraoptometric assistants and technicians.

Together, the AOA and its affiliates work to provide the public with quality vision and eye care. Through offices in St. Louis, Missouri, and metropolitan Washington, D.C., the AOA:

  • Sets professional standards, helping its members conduct patient care efficiently and effectively
  • Lobbies government and other organizations on behalf of the optometric profession
  • Provides research and education leadership

Links to Notable Affiliates:

American Optometric Student Association

Armed Forces Optometric Society

Links to other state affiliate associations websites:

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Wisconsin Diabetes Advisory Group (DAG)

The Wisconsin Diabetes Advisory Group (DAG) was organized by the state in 1997 to bring together organizations and professionals in order to reduce the economic, social, physical, and psychological impact of diabetes in Wisconsin. WOA member Dr. Lisa Slaby represents the profession of optometry on this important group.

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Wisconsin Paraoptometric Association

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