Wisconsin Diabetes Advisory Group Strategic Plan

The Wisconsin Diabetes Advisory Group (DAG) was organized by the state in 1997 to bring together organizations and professionals in order to reduce the economic, social, physical, and psychological impact of diabetes in Wisconsin.  Since the group’s conception, WOA member Dr. David Scheidt has skillfully represented the profession of optometry on this important group.  In 2004, the Diabetes Advisory Group developed the Wisconsin Diabetes Strategic Plan 2004-2009.  In 2010, this plan was revised to address the years 2010-2015.  This plan provides a framework for Wisconsin organizations to mobilize around a set of common goals affecting all areas of diabetes care and prevention. 

Click to access the current Wisconsin Diabetes Advisory Group Strategic Plan. Enjoy.  

If you would like more information about the Wisconsin Diabetes Advisory Group, please send an email to Leah Ludlum or call her at (608) 261-9422.

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