Credit Card Processing Through Wind River Financial

Wind River Financial Delivers on After the Handshake Promise to WOA and Participating Members

Since kicking off our WOA endorsement of Wind River Financial and our unique credit processing partner program for members in July of 2012, we’re pleased to announce that Wind River has exceeded our expectations and met their commitment to WOA and members. We’re excited about the program’s success thus far, as over 100 member practices to date have already experienced a stronger partnership through Wind River’s After the Handshake service promise as well as more support in helping manage processing fees. Individual members are receiving very competitive pricing and an unmatched service level from Wind River, and it’s important to note that this non-dues revenue stream from Wind River also helps the Association keep membership dues down.

Thank you again to all participating members for your support of the WOA partnership with Wind River. If you’re not currently participating in the WOA-endorsed partner program, we strongly encourage you to contact Ben Larson, 608-442-4234 or, at Wind River to learn more about how the program can benefit you, your practice, and the WOA. 

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