Aurora Walker's Point Community Clinic

What is Walker's Point?
Aurora Walker's Point Community Clinic, located on the south side of Milwaukee, is a fully benevolent health clinic serving inner city families who do not have insurance and cannot afford health care. The clinic sees patients for general health exams Monday through Friday each week. Beginning in September 2002, the Wisconsin Optometric Association volunteer doctors began seeing children and adults for comprehensive eye exams. The WOA is proud to offer this unique community service in this urban setting in need.

Walker's Point Community Clinic is the first state association-coordinated volunteer optometry clinic in the country. The Wisconsin Optometric Association promises a long-term commitment to the families and community of the Milwaukee area and beyond.

Why Does the WOA Work with Walker's Point?
The initial reason for opening the eye clinic was, and still is, to see as many children as possible. With the passing of the Wisconsin Children's Vision Law in the fall of 2001, all incoming kindergartners are encouraged to receive either a comprehensive eye exam by an optometrist or vision screening by a physician before entering school. The WOA has always held a vested interest in promoting healthy and safe eye care for ALL children, knowing how important it is to a child’s development and everyday life.

Who Can Utilize Walker's Point Services?
The first priority for vision appointments go to children under 18,  however; if time permits, adults may be examined as well. Families must have NO health insurance that covers eye care. Spanish interpreters are available for those who do not speak English.

Volunteer at the Clinic
Volunteer times are available weekdays for either a full or half day. Call 800-678-5357 or email

When you arrive, clinic staff will greet and direct you to where you need to go. They will also supply you with translators and other tools you may need. You do not need to bring any additional equipment when you volunteer.

*NOTE: Walker's Point requires at least two weeks' notice to arrange for translators and secure patient scheduling.

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